Here is a beautiful site! with descriptions of the classical Greek and Roman gods, alongside original works of art depicting them.


Xena Warrior Princess

My first introduction to the Classical gods – via pop culture. I love this show! See the whole pantheon at work here, along with a host of other characters from myth – the Amazons are my favourite. It even wanders eventually, through the emergence of Jesus and the notion of the ‘One God’ onto the classical polytheistic landscape, and tells of how this divide effected people. Yes yes it’s fiction – but who cares? I love story-telling around our myths and legends. It breathes new life into them. Also Sam Raimi was one of the exec producers, and Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) is in it too.

Xena Warrior Princess

One of my favourite characters though, was Yakut – a shamaness. Amidst the campy feel of the show were these moments of realism and creepiness, that made it so intriguing. Watching Yakut lead Xena into other worlds captured me at a young age.

Yakut from Xena

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