I revisited an excellent blog, called Rune Soup, written by a chaos magician (more on that it a bit). More importantly, he’s damned funny (no pun intended).  And since when you have a concussion you are not supposed to read anything, or stare at a computer screen, I was delighted to see that he has a podcast (also not allowed but is the lesser of these other evils).

I listened to an excellent interview with a guy named Jake Stratton-Kent, a goetic magician. What piqued my interest was the discussion of these old manuscripts called the Grimoires – apparently there are many of them, written hundreds of years ago.

I really knew nothing about the subject. I have of course come across the term ‘magic’ before, in the context of witchcraft, you know, standing in a circle, spell casting, black candles and love potions. But, really overall, that’s as far as my knowledge goes and until now, my interest.
I think I:
1) have never taken any of it seriously and
2) have been put off by the gothy stereotypes and
3) well ok maybe it all creeps me out a little bit.

But I got curious this week because I kept coming across terminology that I have heard before but never knew the root of, like chaos magic, The Key of Solomon, Kabbala and sorcery in the real world sense. And I wondered how does all of this compare and relate to witchcraft and shamanism? And where do I personally sit with all of it?

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Aaah. The inter-webs sends me on rambling inspired journeys. I’m not sure where this one started. I’m sitting at home in bed with a mild concussion this week. I seriously hit my head on the car door, Yes, only I, Sky can get whiplash falling out of bed (another story) and a concussion getting into my car. […]

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