This is a personal blog.

A digital scrap-book of my spiritual journeys, as I endeavour to get back in touch with the sacred parts of this human existence. Stories, images, video, links to people and places and things, and my personal musings. A grimoire of a type, but also a journal. When working a spiritual path, psycho-spiritual stuff comes up – expect personal stream of consciousness at times. This isn’t about good writing. Though I am a good writer, I won’t always have that hat on in this blog. This is about working stuff out.

Expect to see: books I’m reading, experiments I will undergo, journals of dreams and shamanic journeys and guided meditations, who and what I meet along the way, discourse on various spiritual paths and religions, links to other interesting blogs and sites. Expect the unexpected. No idea, muse, group, or individual, perception, conclusion or topic is too weird or out-there for me. All stones will be turned.

Update 2013: I have not been here much this year. I have actually started shamanistic training so not much time to blog these days. And also the urge to be on the computer is not as great – I feel drawn back to my paper journals much of the time.

Reading back on previous posts I realized that the purpose of this blog has changed. Whereas before I felt so much uncertainty and fear and was not sure of my spiritual direction, much of that has evaporated for me – or at least, transmuted into motivating energy. I feel much more comfortable and at ease these days while journeying or meditating or praying. I have had direction from a helping spirit as well, that allayed many of my doubts. I feel like I’ve grown up a bit.

Update 2015: The blog and I continue to grow and explore and learn. I have undergone training in the medicine wheel of the Q’ero. I am a mesa carrier – my bundle is complete. This year I will delve into direct experience with my teacher. I think of it as year two of my becoming. Can’t wait to share what happens!

love and light

As surely as there is a voyage away, there is a journey home.
― Jack Kornfield, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry


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