A beautiful wintery altar-share. Check out the silver acorns – what a great idea!

Moody Moons

This weekend, I decided to turn over my seasonal altar.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never been great about celebrating Imbolc.  It’s kind of my slacker Sabbat.  Between the pagan holidays and the more mainstream ones, I’m holiday-ed out by February.  But this season, as the coming deepest winter months approach, I decided I would put some effort into dressing the altar for Imbolc.


It’s too early to think about spring, but it’s hard to create a wintery altar without making it look like Yule/Christmas The Sequel.  I decided to go with a white and silver color palette, which I think makes the transition nicely.

The first thing I did to get inspired was take advantage of the amazing weather this weekend and go on a nature walk near the Manassas Battlefields.  Every sunny day warm enough to walk in is a blessing this time of year, because you never know…

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