Glad to read of others asking the same question as me 😉

  Rogue Priest

Two weeks ago I announced that I’m walking across two continents to meet the gods. That occasioned a mixed bag of reactions, including high fives, raised eyebrows and disapproving head-shaking. But one question has come up over and over again:

“What do you mean, you’re going to meet the gods?”


Somehow I wasn’t ready for this question. You’d think I would’ve seen it coming, since “I’m going to meet the gods” is about the last thing you expect to hear from a real living person, least of all a sane one. When I set that as the purpose of my journey, I should have realized it would raise as many questions as the hike itself.

But all I could do was to stammer and try to explain something I had never put in words before.

I started out giving wishy-washy answers. Someone asked me if I meant…

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