I’m ecstatic to announce my acceptance into a Masters program with Ocean Seminary College.

I’m taking an initiatory degree in Siedr – the 9 Pillars Tradition, along-side a Masters in World Shamanism. I’m super excited to get started. The school, although unorthodox (non-accredited and tuition is $50 per semester), after much research, looks stellar. The founder and Dean, Dr. Katherine MacDowell, is also the author of most of the courses. She also publishes a scholarly journal, Restoration Earth: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Nature & Civilization. There are four faculty along with visiting professors. All donate their time to the school and students, with the intention that financial matters should not be a barrier to educating new spiritual leaders. Amazing!

Here’s their Mission:

Ocean Seminary College is committed to providing excellence in shamanistic, neopagan, and traditional faith-based education to facilitate each student’s intellectual growth; personal transformation and well-being; and a restored, ecstatic connection with the Earth and the Divine through a nondiscriminatory community of seekers. Further, the seminary prides itself on ensuring equitable access through maintaining a tuition-free program for individuals on public/federal assistance programs and low-cost tuition fee of $50 dollars billed twice per year at the start of Fall/Winter semester and Spring/Summer semester.

I look forward to keeping up this blog while I’m studying and talking about what I’m doing. It fits right in with my theme and the evolution of the blog as I move along my path.

Right now were entering into an understanding of Freyja. I have to say, this goddess is not one that I have been drawn to. I’m not completely sure why. She’s often described as the Norse goddess of love – and counterpart to Venus or Aphrodite. I have had no interest in love goddesses in the past so I supposed I moved past her. Already however, I am finding that she is so much more than that – and is actually a very complex personage.

Anyone have experience with Freyja? I’d love to hear your thoughts on her before I write my first paper.


Sky on the Isle