Ever since having that vision about me wearing antlers, I’ve been delving into the gods with horns – but I couldn’t really find any female goddesses with horns. Not really anyways – I mean there is Isis, kind of depicted with horns sometimes, or is it a disc on her head, or is it not. Then there’s Hathor, but she was a cow horned goddess, not an antlered goddess. Then of course there’s Diana and Artemis – but although they are forest goddesses, they were never actually depicted with horns, like their male counterpart(s). I was a little perturbed by this because I thought for the life of me that there was an antlered goddess – just couldn’t remember who she was.

Then, this week I found this:

Elen of the Ways is about the ancient shamanism of Britain. Elen Sentier grew up in a long family lineage of following the Deer Trods; in this book she tells of the old, forgotten ways of our ancestors. Through her own experience, stories, practical exercises and journeys with the deer, Elen takes you into the realm of the Boreal Forest, of which Britain is a part, to show how the Deer Goddess is the spirit of this land. To walk the deer trods is to realise how close and connected you are to nature and everything in this beautiful world which we share with our non-human brethren. You learn, too, that our everyday world and otherworld are intertwined. Elen of the Ways is both here and there at the same time. You will find her everywhere.

Anyone heard of her? In all my life and study I’ve never heard of this Goddess!! I am so excited. Ordered the book immediately.

Update – a fellow blogger graciously gave me these links – more on Elen of the Ways – Elen of the Lays – the Green Lady. Totally fascinating stuff. I am so grateful for coming across this material – I feel like this is the one I’ve been looking for.

Caroline Wise first rediscovered Elen after many man years of research. I can’t find her book entitled ‘Elen of the Shimmering Ways’, out in 1986, but here is an excerpt from it. I may actually email her and ask where her book can be found.