The East: where the Eagle and Condor fly wingtip to wingtip. Where the Hawk watches. Where the Visionary sits above the clouds, seeing all – past to present to future. Time: Circular. Element: Air

This weekend past I finished the East, my third direction in the medicine wheel teachings of the Inca, Q’ero people. I received star rites among other gifts – namely an epiphany, I’m happy to say.

I was taught how to jump between different perceptual states when asking a question or looking at a problem, do this when you are coming up with nothing and you need more information – I was told. Now – me being the skeptic that I am, I figured I would try it out but didn’t expect much.

First let me explain a bit… I can’t share everything that I learned, out of respect for my teacher – but I can tell you my own process.

Each direction has a keeper/archetype/energy, called the Four Winds – I’m sure you all know about these – that watchtowers, the guardians etc – similar to Wicca and other paths. In the Andes they are Hummingbird, Eagle and Condor, Serpent, Jaguar. Also we have energies that live with us in our chakras. Similarly: Jaguar, Serpent, Hummingbird, Eagle, Huaskar, Quetzalcoatl, Pachakuti Inca – the last three are Beings and Gods of the Q’ero.

I was shown how to jump into different perceptual states using these energies, as they reside inside of me. And the perceptual states correspond to different ‘bodies’ that we have, ie: physical, mental, soul body etc. So take any problem and look at it like you were a snake, writhing in the grass (physical body), or a jaguar, stalking, tracking (emotional, mental), or an eagle sitting, watching (soul body), or like a King, sitting above, seeing all (spirit body). So we practised these, role-playing animal postures. But then, we were taught how to access these states via pressure points on the body – and doing this while in walking meditation. It was super cool. Needless to say, I asked my question, ‘What are the Gods’ : ) Of course I did! And I walked for an hour with the question. This is what I got:

I was walking along a dyke beside the mighty Fraser river – surrounded by farmland, water and wildlife. When I went into serpent, or physical body awareness and asked my question, ‘What are the Gods?’, at first nothing happened – but after a time I began to see. Every fan of bushy sticks, spray of grass and low-lying shrubbery looked like stubble. Every tree trunk, branch, every pile of wood cast aside by the river looked like legs, arms, torsos. In the sky the clouds were like manes of hair and breath. The river, like a giant. A giant!

I realized what was happening. Since I was in serpent, the physical body, I was seeing the Gods right before my eyes. Their bodies were the earth, the sky. Here’s some of what I wrote down quickly at the end of my walk:

So – the Gods are inside of Nature. In Jaguar (emotional) I didn’t get much, in Eagle not much either, but when I went into Inca (spirit body) I got that the Gods are organized energy ( I all of a sudden saw patterns everywhere. leaves, trees, grass, river) – so in Quechua terms this is called ‘sami’. In other words, humans make ‘hucha’ or heavy, disorganized energy (opposite of sami), so the gods are not human and not of humans, and never were. They are what organizes the world – materially and otherwise in the cosmos. Now, if humans are full of hucha, we could not have created these beings.

It occurs to me that there could actually be other more superior races that humans interact with, maybe from other dimensions. But that the Gods or elemental energies – those spirits of the earth and cosmos are something different. These Beings were created along with everything else – they are the soul or spirit of everything – just as humans and animals have souls. So – the Xartus, go back to the Xartus

The Gods answer to the Xartus; the Divine plan or Will in all that is. And the Gods are a part of the Divine, as we are. So – not that they are aspects of the Divine, unless you’re thinking in terms of in the way we all are part of the One Divine – rather, the Gods are their own Beings that exist along-side us. They are the spirit of everything other than us. Planets, stars, sun, moon, ocean, river, forest, tree, plant, blade of grass…

And then perhaps there is a hierarchy there and a family. A Father God, a Mother, children, kin – just as we have in the human world. Macro to micro, micro to macro. It makes sense.

They are light, organized energy – living on a higher plane of consciousness – so they have no need of corporal form, but probably appear this way to us for our benefit. They are sami, they create sami. We are hucha. They are already up there – evolved. We are in school. We are souls who come to learn. They organize the universe. We are all a part of the Whole. This is why they care about us at all – because they know we are all ONE. So to help us human little brothers an sisters, is to help themselves and all of creation.

Divine Will governs them. But they are individuals. Just as we are – just as all things in nature are.

Aaaaaaaand – wow!

If you’ve been reading my blog at all – you may know that this goes against the conclusion I was coming to – which was sort of like just not able to get my head around the concept of gods at all – and thinking people were either kind of delusional (in some cases) or they had some kind of knowledge or skill that I lacked, or were on the guest list for a secret party that I was not invited to.

This experience answers some of my questions about the nature of the gods that I couldn’t come to terms with – or that I couldn’t move on from until I had an answer:

  • Are they archetypes or psychological constructs created by the human psyche or
  • Are they aspects of the Divine, one true Creator or
  • Are they stories made up by ancient cultures to explain natural forces and movement through time and space or
  • Are they entities, but thought forms created by human need and worship and universal creative energies or
  • Are they aliens or visitors from another dimension – a more powerful race that has interacted with our throughout time?
  • If they are another race of beings, did they actually create us?
  • If they didn’t create us, say if they were another race, why the hell would they give a shit about us or anything we do? And why in god’s name would we worship them?

Or, are they possibly … really actually another race of beings, more evolved than us but still belonging to our reality, our planet, solar system and galaxy, who look out for us and want to help us evolve? Individuals just like us, who are inexorably tied to us and us to them? Kind of like spiritual kin? Whom did not create us, but were created along-side us, or perhaps long before us. Whom follow Divine Will and are directed by the Fates and the Xartus. Who are persons. And who are perhaps somewhat unknowable to us due to their true nature being so much larger than us – kind of like an ant looking up at a human right? So therefore the myriad of versions of them throughout the world in multitude of cultures and over time, had perhaps gotten a bit… opaque? So it’s not the gods that are confusing, it’s seeing them through the human lens that gets my head spinning.

For after all the great religions have been preached and expounded, or have been revealed by brilliant scholars, or have been written in fine books and embellished in fine language with fine covers, man – all man – is still confronted with the Great Mystery.
– Chief Luther Standing Bear

I’m kind of blown away by all of this. And I’m still mulling it over. Check out my Pinterest boards for all of my mulling.

Evermore later,

Sky on her Isle x