This is the path I’m on at present. It’s Peruvian, from the Q’ero people of the high Andes, who are the direct descendants of the ancient Inca. However my teacher, I would say is of multi-disciplines so there is some cross-over between traditions – which is fascinating and a topic for another post.

I’m in the Medicine Wheel right now, in the West teachings. While ‘in the west’ the teachings surround you – sometimes gently, sometimes rather more insistent – like a smack upside the head.

There’s isn’t much online about this tradition – however there is the Four Winds, which is associated with the most famous teacher of the Andes tradition, Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Not sure if he is involved with the Q’ero or not.

Here is the West teachings, from his site:

Break free from the grip of fear and take the journey beyond death to bring closure to what has been and allowing for a life of our choosing. Shed the familial baggage you inherited and break free from the generational curses and patterns that are passed down from parent to child. Discover the way of the Luminous Warrior, as you learn to cultivate deep peace in your life and walk in the world with impeccability and integrity. You will gain the tools to embody the practices of Fearlessness, Non-Doing, Certainty and Non-Engagement.

Just as the jaguar has no predators in the jungle, learn to have no enemies in this world or beyond. Leave behind the traditional archetype of the violent warrior and step into the shoes of the luminous warrior, who speaks only truth, walks truth, and calls truth. Break free from the grip of fear and prepare to journey beyond death.

In The Way of the Jaguar, you will have an opportunity to explore inherited ancestral and karmic patterns that propel you toward a certain destiny. You will participate in exercises that help you to come into right relation with these patterns and to honour the gifts of your ancestors, so that you can set them free and empower yourself to create the world of your dreams.

In addition, you will be introduced to the shaman’s perceptual states, which will allow you to track or “see” phenomena on the physical, emotional, mythic and energetic levels. You will also learn the ethics of tracking so that you may use your skills to promote health and well-being in those around you.

I’m heading into the North next, where we will begin the ‘tracking perceptual states’ part – as we didn’t cover that in the West.

For me, being in the West for the past three months has involved the following:

Be the Jaguar

tracking the shadow – which means my shadow self has been rearing its head periodically – loads of fun

tracking death in my life – and for me where I am dying is by being locked away in a fortress of ice

tracking where I appropriate rather than create

tracking where I am a victim and where I am a perpetrator and where I am a rescuer (though the last one hasn’t really come up)

tracking people’s stories – and my stories – seeing stories as the way we create our realities and manifest destinies – the way we present to the world. Asking – do these stories really make up who I am? Do they serve me or hold me back?

having old friends call me out of the blue – but only the ones that I have unfinished biz with

letting go of blankets of security that have caused my life to stall or suffocate – by first realizing that I am suffocating and then being able to respond accordingly

moving forward in my relationship with my husband in such a way that we have joy between us once again – letting go of the past

realizing deep in my soul, that I am responsible for everything that is in my life right now; realizing that all those that have ‘done me wrong’ are actually mirrors, showing me my true self (this makes me want to hurl)

learning how to be flexible and yet unapologetically certain when need be – how to pick battles and when you do, win

learning how, above all else, to face Fear

I head into the North in two weeks:

Learn how to journey to Infinity, the place outside of time and space where all possibility and wisdom exists – engage with the living fabric of the Universe as you take your place as the Sage. Discover your timeless essence and drop your limiting roles and beliefs. Master the three wisdom teachings of Invisibility, Mastery of Time, and the Secret you keep even from yourself. Embody the practices of the Beginners Mind, Living Consequently and with Transparency.

Strap on your hummingbird wings and get ready for the uncharted journey deep into the soul. Just as a hummingbird makes the seemingly impossible migration from Canada all the way to Brazil, we too can embark on the epic mythic journey when Spirit calls. Although we don’t know where we’re going or how we’ll get there, we will learn how to follow the soul’s guidance to the flowers with the sweetest nectar to sustain us on our way.

In The Way of the Hummingbird, learn the shaman’s practice of Invisibility. Learn to step outside of linear time and into sacred time in the infinite to heal the past and chart new destinies. Become self-referencing and assume the role of author of your own story. Burn all of your limiting roles so that you can be fully available when Spirit calls.

I’m not sure how close my teachings will be to this – but usually there are similarities. We learned how to journey already in the West – and I actually had my first experience of journeying where I felt like it was happening outside of me and I had nothing to do with what was going on – in other words, I wasn’t making it up. I’ll relay that journey later  in another post.

The West has been fun, not too harsh as of yet – though it’s been described to me as the direction where you ‘roll around in your own shit’ and are therefore forced to look at it all – and the North releases you from it. But I think that the Medicine Wheel is a lifelong teaching, something you’d do over and over and go deeper and deeper each time.

ever more to come ; )

feature image by szeke via Flickr CC