My teacher has instructed me to undertake a ‘protocol’, as she calls it – of various challenges or tasks centred around me fixing my relationship with Power. The tasks will be given to me via her, from her guides. This protocol was assigned due to that vision that I had where I was shown a version of myself inside of my true power-potential and then realized that I am afraid of my power – and in reading back on this blog, I see proof of that as well. If I am to truly step onto my path, wherever that may lead, I can no longer live in fear – and I simply must step up and take my power.

So – this weekend is my first task: I have to go into the woods – up a mountain by myself, ignore the bears and cougars, and do a ceremony in which I give up all the things that are holding me back and state a commitment to a list of 10 or more things I will accomplish in the next year that will foster my power.

The ceremony involves:

Making two sand paintings; a life one and a death one –

making two prayer arrows; a life one and a death one –

leaving four prayer bundles.

The death arrow is to be burned, the life arrow is to be buried with the list of commitments – and I will come back to the exact same spot in a year to unbury it.

I found this page that explains how to make prayer ties. I think this is what I will use for my bundles. I didn’t realize that the bundles and the sticks should really be made while inside of the ceremony – not before – as they should be infused with your prayer and intentions.

Here’s a super involved version of how to make prayer arrows. My teacher doesn’t do all of this – she has said that your intention is enough. I think I will use some of it in my ceremony – time constraints apply (only have child care for so long).

Here’s a page that explains various prayer ‘carriers’, like sticks, ties, bundles and flags, and how to make them.

During the ceremony, all that is taken from nature is thanked and offerings are left. Everything put into the ritual, sticks, bundles, flowers, feathers must be blown into with breath. And I think the whole thing, from me finding the right spot, to finding the arrows and making the bundles, to burning and burying the sticks, has to be done in a meditative state of mind.

I think I’ll leave my ‘life’ arrow hung in a tree instead of burying it, like one of those articles suggested.

I’m also going to try to find the sticks today instead of during, so I can dry them out in the oven – I live in a rainforest and man it has been raining lately! The death arrow has to be burned inside of the first sand painting so it needs to be burn-able.

In the morning I’ll take a ritual shower – and I’m to journal everything, like a story – to give to my teacher later.

I think I’ll bring my pendulum too – in case I need direction or I feel any presence there and need confirmation.

After my ceremony is done, she does a journey around it and to ask for the next task.

I’ll report back to my bog – one of my things on the stepping into power list is to write here regularly again.

; ) from the Isle

feature image by by Scott Darbey via Flickr CC