Beautifully written article that I found so helpful immediately. So happy to have found this blog!
“When thought about this way, Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure become a shamanic praxis – every working intentionally calls forth the medicine of botanicals, minerals, spirits of the dead, and / or land spirits (amongst others) to accompany us toward a fulfillment of our intentions. Be it the outlook of Lovage Root on stable, uniting love, or a river’s shifting thrusts as it carries away an abusive relationship embodied in the wax remains of a Cut & Clear candle ritual, we are surrounded by perspectives that lead us to the place our heart desires most. Employing the graveyard dirt of your grandmother in a protection ritual around your home invokes a different perspective on safety than that of a police officer – likewise, the difference between Angelica Root and Basil. In listening to the wisdom of your spirits, and the spirits of the medicines themselves, you gain discernment as to which is in greatest alignment toward your goal.”