Came across this great website last night. Among other interesting articles, and of a different topic, this post was in his blog. Ever heard of this photographer? He documented crazy cool traditional costumes from across Europe. I love this part of European mythos heritage – that Grimm’s fairy-tale, earth-power, witch-in-the-woods creepiness. Although, can’t say I’d want to run into any of these guys late at night.

“When I saw the costumes and spent time with these people,” he said, “I realized that I have always felt like a bear.”

These traditions come from Neolithic times — from shamanism — and they have never stopped,” said Mr. Fréger, 38. “For a few nights you can behave like a goat, drink a lot and forget about being civilized. You can be a wild animal for three days and then you go back to controlling your wildness.

Wilder Mann 037

Wilder Mann 073

Wilder Mann 015

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Wilder Mann 093

Wilder Mann 056

The book: Wilder Mann : The Image of the Savage