This one is recurring – or was, in my childhood.

I am heading down a grassy bank towards a river. The place is Johnson’s Landing in the Kootenays, BC. There’s a sandbar we used to go to a lot when I was a kid. You had to climb down this bank for a little ways to get to the river. The bank is sandy too, with scrub brush grass and thorns. It’s super hot – sweltering, as Koots summers do get. This kind of dry heat that makes the air feel soft around you and causes optical illusions – waves of heat rising in front of your car on the road.

I was walking down the bank to get to the beach, where we would swim out to the sandbank in the middle of the river (my dad used to put me on his shoulders and swim). In this dream though, the earth starts shaking badly. Then, even though there is not a cloud in the clear blue summer sky, lightning starts striking down to the earth. The earth opens up with cracks and I am jumping over them, trying to get down to the beach.

When I get to the beach I see a massive building crouching ominously way in the distance – a keep of sorts, or an arc. It stands alone on the horizon – the heat waves making it appear hazy and surreal. I’m not sure if it really is there or not but I start running towards it as the sky opens up with hail stones.

As I get closer I see the building has massive doors, as tall as the building itself – and they are slowly closing. I run and run faster and faster, to beat the doors – and I do. When I get inside I realize that everyone in the whole world is inside, safe behind these doors and walls of massive granite rock slabs. Then, looking around I realize that one person is missing and it’s someone I love. Each time I had the dream it was someone different – my mom, my boyfriend etc.

So I leave the keep, looking for them. I run and run screaming their name but I can’t find them anywhere. I am becoming frantic, and the world is crumbling around me – huge fissures now opening up in the ground, the sandy beach tumbling into the abyss, the wind storming around me so loud it snatches the words and breath out of my mouth. Then, I hear someone calling my name and looking back, realize that the person I am looking for actually is inside the keep! So I turn around and start running back, but the doors are almost closed. People are yelling at me to run faster Skye! RUN!! I run and run for my life, but I am too late – just as I come up to the keep the massive doors crunch shut. I’m locked out of safety at the end of the world – and I’m the only one.

feature image by peters34 via flickr CC