When I thought I couldn’t get any lower spiritually – when I was crying out for something to happen and bring me back to my path, I got an answer.

Been asking for a teacher for the past two years, and putting feelers our for a situation that could accommodate me, and nothing has ever worked out for various life reasons. Life gets in the way sometimes – or the universe does and then I usually suppose it wasn’t meant to happen. If there seem to be too many obstacles on the path when going in any direction, or you feel like you’re having to force your way into a situation to make it happen, like swimming up-river, then it’s not the right path. So, I wasn’t meant to have any training I guess – which really surprised me at the time. Why oh why can I not have a teacher, I would agonize? At any rate I have bumbled through on my own – which has lead to this state of confusion and doubt I have been in.

Then, out of the blue, this past week, I’ve been offered to take part in a medicine wheel! And, my little son is older now so I actually can go, and it’s affordable too. All of a sudden when I probably needed it the most, the path has opened up in front of me. I am so pleased.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, medicine wheel training is a year in length, working with a group and teacher – and with the four directions and their archetypes, one at a time every three months through the wheel of the year.

This medicine wheel is Peruvian, strangely enough – as South America has never called to me. But, there is a reason for everything and I trust in the process of life – there will be something specific I am there to learn. At the end I will be a mesa carrier (medicine bundle) and receive energy rites. My teacher has been given the right to pass on this knowledge from her teacher in Peru. This medicine is very strong. It will be intense – but hey, that’s how I usually roll : )

Can’t wait!

Namaste dear world