Had a card reading done for me yesterday – my husband’s mother – a very gifted woman/healer/shaman although I don’t believe she would ever use that word to describe herself – I only use it here for lack of a more appropriate term.

It was a large spread with these cards

The Conspiracy deck – love these cards. Might have to grab them myself.

The first card was Angelic Intervention – which she said, means that I have been calling in assistance and that the ‘angels’ are around me – in other words, the spirits are here. ha ha! My first real confirmation of my own beliefs that I am being heard, and helped.

I think it’s time to bring out my pendulum again and see if it is ready to work with me.

The cards also said that I am working at a ‘mastery level’ in like, incarnations, or just lifetimes of work – she said it means that I am not new – that I am continuing on work that I had started in other lifetimes.

They also showed me all of my conspiracies that are blocking my progress – none were shockers – ‘neediness’, ‘littleness’, ‘self attack’ and ‘I ruined their lives’. Well ok that last one was kind of weird – but my husband pointed out that this is my father’s story that is unresolved in him, so he has passed it down to me.

And then told me that I am gifted in setting up sanctuaries and I enjoy this work and that the reason I am here in this life is to give Blessings.

give blessings? What the heck how do I do that?

I read up on it a bit – and it can be defined as just wishing people well. The cards actually say that for me, giving blessings as I go through my day and my life, to all people and situations I encounter, is the antidote to all of my conspiracies.

very interesting.