My husband came in to the room late last night and said, ‘I just saw your little friend.’

‘Huh?’ I said absently, not looking up from my reading at first. ‘What little friend?’ And then it sank in that that was a weird thing to say.

He said he saw the little person out in the livingroom. He had been playing a game on his smartphone and saw them out of the corner of his eye. A small person – child’s height who was standing close to him, just watching him. When he looked up directly, the person side-stepped out of his vision and was gone.


I remembered reading other blogs, where people talk about  being able to see and communicate with spirits only in their dream state. I wondered if that happened to me then, when I saw this little person. I was half awake. My husband on the other hand, has other gifts, and was able to catch a glimpse in his peripheral vision.

Whoever it is, they don’t necessarily want to be seen. And they don’t feel scary.

I’ve also had things in my peripheral vision lately. Just like, where you think someone is standing right behind you but it’s only your lamp that has always been there in that spot – kind of thing. But it’s happened a few times. Jumpy. I guess.