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I think some people are what I call ‘gates’. They can hear or see or feel the presence of spirits. One of my best friends growing up was one of these, and this is how I learned about the concept. She always had weird stuff  happening around her; mainly poltergeist kind of things – pictures falling off walls, TV remotes flying across rooms, cupboard doors opening. I also remember her talking about her ‘guides’ here and there. Keep in mind this is in high-school when we were 15, 16 years old. I remember asking her what the hell a guide was, and she sheepishly telling me it was like a spirit she could only hear in her head – and then she begged me not to tell anyone.

I remember I had this one friend, an older guy, who got into studying Santeria pretty heavily. I hadn’t seen him for a few years when we got back in touch. I needed a place to stay and he needed a roommate so I moved in. After a time, my other friend, the gate, came by to visit. I remember she walked into the living-room and immediately said, ‘oh wow, this place is full!’ I was like, ‘what do you mean full.’ and she said, ‘You know, full of people, of spirits. Yeah this room is packed with them.’ This was before I told her what this guy was into these days. When I did tell her what he was up to, she mentioned hoping he knew what he was doing.

Of course, I hadn’t noticed anything really – although I did have a super weird experience there. Me and the guy fell asleep one night side by side. We had been watching movies and talking. I had been reading some poetry that his girlfriend at the time was writing – one was about Chango, or Shango, who is a Santeria Orisha (deity) – and is the god of thunder. The memory I have of this is infused with the name Shango and yet I don’t know why really. The poem had nothing to do with what happened. I just remember waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to move. Like not a muscle. It was like those old stories you hear of the hag siting on your chest. I absolutely could not move, even to open my eyes. I began to struggle with it and fight, and it took an enormous amount of effort. I guess in my struggle, I woke my friend up and he in turn started shaking me to wake me out of the daze – which worked, and I was fine – just a little shaken. I still remember the dark, and the moon shining through the window, and some kind of feeling of the vast space between tiny little me, and some larger force or idea that gathered itself in the stormy clouds way, way up surrounding that moon. I remember feeling very small… but also like, I had witnessed something.

More stories from high-school:

I remember a guy I kind of dated, was walking through a school yard one night, when a bunch of kids hanging out there saw him raise up his arms suddenly, like wings, and apparently they combusted with fire – that is, he had flaming wings all of a sudden – and then just a suddenly, they were gone – and he just kept on walking. There was more than one witness to this. The story goes there had been a kid who lit himself on fire at that school at some point in the past. Who knows if that was true – but I knew the witnesses to the first part of the story.

I saw the Grim Reaper once – at a memorial walk for a good friend’s untimely death. It was in a park, next to the beach, and yes I was altered by grief – but I swear to the gods that I looked up and saw a tall, dark dark shadow in the distance, with red glowing eyes and a hood and a scythe. Just as exactly as you would think the Grim Reaper would look. bango. there it was. And I said to myself, ‘Wow. I will just keep walking and add what I just saw to the list of ‘how bad this night sucks”.

brrrrrr… I just creeped myself out thinking about it.

Anyways I am no gate. I have known a few for sure – people who are like gateways to another realm. Almost as if they live with one foot in either place, which allows them to see and hear both places, or allows for other beings to travel through, or communicate with our realm through them. In the last story I posted I talked about one of my only ghost/haunting experiences – about my friend’s ex girlfriend, deceased, harassing me so badly I got panic attacks while living in that house. One has to wonder at how powerful she must be to be able to get through to me : )

Anyone want to share a haunting experience – in the spirit of the season?

ciao from the Isle