I woke up last night, from a crash sound in my room. Like, something fell off the wall or someone bumped into something and made it fall. I woke with a start and looked up, to see what I thought was my little three-year old son running out of the room – I just saw that tail end of him. I thought he was sleep walking maybe, or just awake in the middle of the night, so I jumped up immediately and ran to the hallway to get him – but there was nothing there. No kid, no sound of little footsteps pattering down the hall. I went to his room and saw him in bed completely engulfed by covers and fast asleep. No way he could have got there that quickly, our rooms are right next to each other.

So – who, or what was in my room last night? What little personage was visiting? Or was it a dream. It definitely did not feel like a dream. I heard a !bang! I looked up from sleep, to see a small person running out of the room. There was a bluish light everywhere.

My husband asked me what I’ve been doing lately – any divining, any calling in of spirits? In truth I haven’t been doing any work, apart from my daily prayers at my kitchen altar.

… but then I remembered, the last few days I’ve been using a bell, and saying ‘come, come and be with us’ – to the ancestors. And I did notice a difference with this – the bell somehow solidified what I was saying, gave it weight.

He told me he doesn’t deal with spirits, because they can be dangerous. He only talks to the ancestors through the Creator – meaning that they are all a part of the Creator now – he doesn’t see them as separate entities. He advised me against inviting anything to come through. He said there are all kind of mischievous energies just waiting for an invitation, an open door. He told me to smudge the house, and examine my language at prayer – make sure I am not inviting anything into our space.


Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?