It’s funny.. I’ve been thinking about and writing about ‘what are the gods’ for a little while now – and all of a sudden it seems like a bunch of the blogs I follow are discussing the topic. Reblogging all of these articles for further study.

bay witch musings

Many Pagans that I know of, particularly those who grew up in religiously restricted and even religiously hostile and/or spiritually abusive homes, choose to leave Christianity as much as a rejection of the Biblical vision of god as the new-found inspiration and rediscovered vision of the deities of ancient cultures.  I am one of the minority (or at least I assume I’m a minority based on my conversations with other Pagans) that came from both a quite liberal and even progressive Christian faith and from a quite religiously open-minded and open heart-ed family.  My change of faith came from a realization (at a rather young age) that, whether or not Jesus as Christ (literal or figurative) was “real” (mythically or historically), I didn’t consider “salvation” to be a worthy or even necessary goal of the human condition.  I have nothing to be saved from because there is nothing wrong with being human.  I also…

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