Here is a good article on the concepts of ‘the gods’ that I’ve been thinking and writing about lately. I like this notion of ‘syncretism’ – never heard the term before but I believe it sums up my own beliefs quite well. And I love the quote in the middle – with the Goddess Mother Earth being the Goddess of many, many names.

I would still ask the author though, if syncretism is so, still then what are the gods? That is, the Gods that speak with witches. The ones who come forth and claim a witch/shaman.

Because this is what I’ve learned in my research: not everyone can be a witch or shaman. Not everyone has those powers of second sight, or ‘the sight’ or sixth sense or the power of mediumship or of out-of-body travel. These are all gifts born to the ‘witch’. And a shaman or witch is someone who has been claimed or invited by the spirits and/or ‘the gods’ to walk their path. Like, they actually physically come forward and say, ‘hi, I exist and I want to work with you’ – at which point many question their own sanity and par for the course, the nature of reality itself.

OK yes, so but what are they still? Are all of the myriad of incarnations of gods and goddesses on the planet earth, just creations of the human mind? I mean yes they are real, but are they then aspects of the one true godly force, anthropomorphized through the human psyche?

I remember reading some fairy book somewhere in the past that said fairies only appear as tiny, bright shiny winged beings, because that is what they see in our minds to describe them. So is the whole universe so malleable by the human mind? All of these beings exist yes, these gods, these spirits, these ghosts and green creatures like elves and fairies – but who knows what they actually are? We humans are so limited once our soul is put into this body, with these five (and occasionally six) senses, and with our excruciating need to categorize everything – does the Divine spirit, come and meet us half-way in a sense, by reading our minds and cultures and being what we need it to be, at different times throughout history? Does it come in forms we would understand, so that we may understand?

The Witch of Forest Grove

What do Robert Cochrane (Roy Bowers), Victor and Cora Anderson, Robert Graves, Gerald Gardner, Manly P. Hall, Johfra Bosschart, Madame Blavatsky, and others all have in common? They were syncretists. Syncretism is the belief that the majority of the world’s religions can all be reconciled; that what they have in common is more than what they do not. Within syncretism is a feeling of harmony, unity, and overall love. Syncretism is not a modern belief, it was shared by ancient cultures – the most well-known being the cross-over gods between the Egyptians and Greeks and also the Celts and Romans. They didn’t see anything wrong with this as either their beliefs, teachings, or their blood told them their gods are of the same origin. Some believe all gods originated from Africa, others the Middle East, and others yet from the Proto-Indo European. Put the cultures of these regions on…

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