I decided to get a pendulum. Not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before, but suddenly it was like, yes I need one!

So after a few attempts at making one, unsuccessfully, I bought a quartz crystal pendant at a rock shop one day while I was out walking with my son. My little guy loves going into rock shops – playing with the smooth shiny stones. They had these pre-made pendants. Perfect – just what I had in mind.

Then at home I opened my first circle, called in the directions of the first time, and stated my intention of cleaning tools. I put the crystal, along with a few others, in salt overnight. Then I left it to soak up some sunrays and moonlight for 24 hours, to charge it with energy. Then I put it on a silver chain around my neck for a couple of days (yes I am actually wearing a crystal around my neck – oh how my younger self would cringe), to set it to my energy.

Then… I used it! And it really worked nicely I have to say. Easily swinging yes or no answers to my questions. It was fabulous. Although I didn’t have a chance to test it for giving me correct answers.

Because then, a couple of weeks later, about three days ago, it just…stopped. And I can’t get it to give an answer on anything. It just won’t budge.

Strange. Anyone had experience with this?

I’m going to try to do the whole clean and charge ritual again to see if I can reset it. hmmm…

Ah yes and this is where I got the directions for cleaning tools. I love this guy’s site! A geomancer, and architect among other things. Some really useful guidance. I love discovering people who seem to be bringing magic into their real world lives.

Clearing Objects of Negative Energy
By Alex Stark. Copyright 2001 and all rights reserved.
Here are some reminders of the basic technique for clearing energy on any ordinary object. This will work on furniture, decorations and artwork. For more complex materials such as gems, precious stones, or jewelry, it is necessary to use a different technique. See article.