I haven’t written in a little while. I keep thinking of the blog – but have not had the time nor energy.

I will come back to it soon. I’ve been working on building a pendulum and setting it – will share about that soon. Right now it’s sitting in salt : )

In the meantime – Happy Bealtane! Here’s some lovely celtic music for the occasion. Julie Fowlis has quite a voice!

May your day be beautiful and full of positive energy, thought and deeds.

I ran across these guys who hold a crazy Bealtane fire festival every year in Edinbourough. It looks fantastic! Now that’s what I call a fire festival – so much energy and theatrics and colour. So unapologetic and celebratory. I love it. Here’s their site and some pics from various years. (I did my best to cite these pics – please let me know if you own one and would like proper credit.)

It’s kinda neet – if you start the UTube Julie Fowlis above, then click on one of the photos, you can look at the gallery with a soundtrack : ) To see more pics just google ‘Beltane Fire Festival’.

Blessed be, Merry Meet, Love and Light,