Not much time to write this week.
Such is life with a toddler.

But – a few interesting things have crossed my path:

An article appeared on my desk this week – this guy Grey Wolf, an energy worker, outlines ways to create what he calls ‘healing thought forms’ to aid in the battle against negativity that is happening on the planet right now. It covers everything from using Chi energy, to creating walls around particular spaces, to setting up healing vortexes in places that need it. It’s super fascinating stuff and I want to actually try some of these exercises and report back later.

“If you remember the movie Star Wars, you can use the Force, which is chi, to learn, to heal, and to defend, but never to attack. Your role is to make a clear intention. Do NOT use your own energy, let energy – the Chi – flow from the Universe through you into what you are doing. When the intention is complete, ask your concept of Deity, or the Universe, or whatever your image of that which is much larger than you, to energize it, to make it bigger, and so on. If you study Chaos Theory, you have created a pattern, and this pattern becomes a self-similarity to something much larger. Everything is connected– even very small effects affect the whole, significantly. In a system, the web of relationships is far more important than the physical elements. What you are doing is improving the communication, the energy flow, the “web”, in a very powerful way….”

Read the whole article here

He also talks about calling on Angels (or angelic forces) to strengthen your work, and along similar lines, I picked up a book from the library this week that had a whole chapter with the same techniques. I love it when the same information crosses my path from different sources. It’s like the cosmos is repeating itself – pay attention!

So the book – it’s one of those cheesy sort of pre-fab easy sell books with lots of magazine type pictures and overly simplified explanations of ideas – written for the masses kind of thing. What I like about these kind of ‘Blank for Dummy’s’ books is that they are written so simply and it’s easy to glean info with just a quick read. There are usually a few gems in there. This one is called ‘Working with your Spirit Guides’ and in particular, there is one meditation called ‘Building an Astral Temple’ that I really like and want to work on.

It’s kind of an extension of finding your ‘power spot’ in meditation. Here you find your power spot, but you connect the spot to the higher realms (where your spirit guides are residing) via a, or the Rainbow Bridge. Then you build your personal temple there, where you can go every time you meditate. This can be a house, a temple, a grove of trees – anything that suits you. The more you use the temple in your visualizations, the more concrete it will become in that reality. You can use it just like any personal space – invite guides there, or keep things there you receive in your journeys.

It’s funny I found this book the day after an elder told me I may have a ‘familiar’ spirit; a cat who seems to show up when I am under extreme stress or possible attack from unseen forces. I don’t see the cat outright. More like I get an impression of a cat, or see it in my peripheral vision. Last month my neighbour actually thought she saw it. Neeto!

The term ‘familiar’ is not one I would use usually, because it’s mostly associated with witches and has a lot of negative connotations, like the Bible describing them as demons and forbidding any interactions with them… funny that, Christianity from the beginning seems to be a set up to steer people away from their own connections with the world of spirit. But this is a longer discussion for another post… Upon questioning about what a familiar was, the elder basically described a helper spirit, an individual though, as opposed to a ‘totem’ spirit or animal, which is she said, a term for the archetype (in the Platonic sense) of that animal. You pray to Bear or Cat or Eagle for guidance, not a particular eagle or a bear or a cat. Make sense? Familiars are different – these are companions. Mine is a little spirit cat that seems to show up here and there like a ghost. She said that they protect you too, on the astral plane – take hits for you.

Ciao for now
Skye on her Isle

Familiar Cat Unknown Artist

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