Dream-Enchantress Deck Highpriestess Card
Dream-Enchantress Deck Highpriestess Card

I was part of some kind of supernatural team. It was the ‘end of the world’ battle. We all had to   meet up in a cave somewhere underground – but it was full of light and colour and beauty – a very light place. And huge – like a whole city big. With hundreds of people around. And they were all busy preparing. So – the battle loomed and some otherworldly force was bringing together this team of people – just regular folk, who didn’t know they were a part of anything. We all had (check it) these big tarot card decks that were personal to each of us. They were really large, like… an IPad size. And beautiful – they were brightly coloured in golds and other sparkles – and they glowed from the inside. These cards were our magic – what we would fight with. But, the decks only worked if you had 12 cards in the deck – any more or less and you were useless. I was counting my cards when I woke up.

Of course there was much more, but that’s all I can remember.

Symbols: cave, Tarot cards

Themes: end of the world, community